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Our History
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Our History

  • I believe that the history of this mission school dates back to the days of the great man of God, and founder of the Back to God Movement (known as Assemblies of God Church/Movement) the late Rev. NBH Bhengu together with the Executive Committee of Assemblies of God Movement (AOGM EXCOM). He had so much love and passion for young people, so much that he even initiated the Education Board within the youth leadership structures which awarded bursaries to the historically disadvantaged but academically capable and competent youth, and had some financial constraints in furthering their studies. Most graduates in the Assemblies of God Movement have benefited from this initiative. We also would like to acknowledge the effort of the Executive Committee, that drove his vision of encouraging the born again youth to go school and equip themselves with education so that they can improve their livelihood and better their families, the Movement and their communities. It is noteworthy to say that although he went to be with the Lord in the eighties, but those programmes he initiated are still effective in many AOGM local churches even today, and they also gave birth to this school.


  • The school started in 1996 with approximately 450 learners, under the leadership of Mr Van Vollenhoven the first principal, since then until 1999 it was known as Assemblies of God School, and was operating at the Assemblies of God Conference Centre.  The name of the school changed to Mountainview Education Centre (MEC) when it relocated to the new premises where it is still operating from currently. He was succeeded by Mr M. Msweli, an experienced Principal, an elder in one of the Assemblies of God local churches in KZN.
  • He was very instrumental in developing and modifying some of the school policies which took the school to the next level of its operation with the help of Pastor J Moumakwe, who played a very significant role of being a link between the school and the church leadership structures. Of course there was a very strong and committed team behind them, the Management Committee (MANCO) as it was called, which consisted of attorneys, educationists, pastors, Accountants and entrepreneurs from different provinces.
  • The Assemblies of God Movement Executive Committee (AOGM EXCOM) then decided to hire the services of another service provider who is also a member of the Assemblies of God church in Nelspruit, Mr SNL Mkhatshwa, whose extensive experience and ability in running his private school successfully for many years, convinced them that his contribution would help their school improve its administration and academic performance. His administration and management lead to name change to CEFUPS ACADEMY taking after his own school in Nelspruit, his contract with the church lasted for three years and a new Principal was appointed.
  • Mr SM Mkhonto took over from the CEFUPS ACADEMY management in 2005, he managed to take the school back to the vision and the ownership of the church, and that exercise lead to the name change again to Assemblies of God College till today.
  • In 2009 to date, Mrs I Adams was appointed Principal of the school, to run with the vision of the church within the school environment, who also managed to take the school from wherever it was to a point where it is able to produce skyrocketing results, especially in grade 12 which is the window through which the world looks and weighs its potential and academic performance. It is noteworthy to say that she managed to steer this ship successfully for a number of years in a row. 



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